Fear in The Workplace: The Bullying Boss. The New York Times.

Bullying in The News

New York Times

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fear in The Workplace: The Bully Boss.

By Benedict Carey

Published: June 22, 2004
Every working adult has known one — a boss who loves making subordinates squirm, whose moods radiate through the office, sending workers scurrying for cover, whose very voice causes stomach muscles to clench and pulses to quicken. It is not long before dissatisfaction spreads, rivalries simmer, sycophants flourish. Normally self-confident professionals can dissolve into quivering bundles of neuroses.
**Click on the link below to read the entire article in the New York Times;
This article was printed in the online addition of the NY Times on July 12, 2008 but was originally published June 22, 2004. I suspect that there was not very much public interest in this topic when it was first published in 2004 and most people probably skipped right over it after reading the words “Bully Boss”. Most people never heard of a “bully boss” and probably thought these words were made up by sniffling cry babies who were reprimanded for poor performance on their jobs. To the contrary, this article describes the phenomenon and it’s devastating affects in a way that gives the subject matter validity and substance. This is a great article, in a global publication which is sure to reach millions of readers. Thank you New York Times for giving us one more way to spread the word about workplace bullying and mobbing. Let’s all learn as much as we can today, so that we can all Recognize it, Name it, and End Workplace Bullying and Mobbing Together! ABC

4 Responses

  1. check out this sad story –

    Bullying caused woman’s suicide, inquiry told



  2. Thank you alsobullied for sharing the link to this very sad story in deed. I thought this article was so important, I published what I was allowed to by copyright onto this weblog and gave the link to the rest of the story. I then made it a two part feature by following this news article with an article that I wrote myself titled “Suicide when related to workplace bullying”. I hope you like the article and that I did this very serious and important subject matter justice. ABC


  3. Recently, when I was confronted with this situation, a case worker with the alternative dispute resolution department said I was courageous to speak up and confront the bully, my boss. It was not courageous. It was knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong.


  4. Having experienced a boss (Hiltler) who had the directors backing in the workplace, I have seen staff on medication, staff being close to striking out at him and staff who have just thrown the towel in. Same boss has affected so many people that nobody knows how much he has affected their well being and mental health years after either being sacked or resigning. His antics are still going on, still being ignored by directors and staff alike. People are scared for their jobs. One of his ex staff has been affected so badly he cant work any more. There are no easy answers to these bullies and God help any poor individual who has taken their own lives over prats like these. A lot of the so called help websites are needing to come down to grass roots level and speak plain English to help the masses not confuse them


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