Hospital group issues alert on bullying by doctors, other workers to curb medical errors. The Hartford Courant.

-Bullying and Mobbing in the News.

Hospital group issues alert on bullying by doctors, other workers to curb medical errors

By Carla K. Johnson/Assoc.Press

Hartford Courant

July 16, 2008

CHICAGO (AP) _ Bullying doctors can make nurses afraid to question their performance, resulting in medical errors, according to a hospital group that announced new requirements for cracking down on intimidating behavior.Outbursts and condescending language threaten patient safety and increase the cost of care, according to a safety alert issued Wednesday by the Joint Commission, an independent organization that accredits most of the nation’s hospitals… Click on the link below to read entire article;,0,2667981.story

On-line comment submitted by ABC

Thank you Hartford Courant for publishing another article about the menace of “workplace bullying and mobbing”, now thought to be the cause of 15% of successful adult suicides, an important public health message, that all working Americans should be aware of. The professions of medicine and education are especially prone to this problem, making our most vulnerable citizens, children and adults who are ill or disabled, at high risk for medical errors, that occur as a result of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying and mobbing not only hurts targets of workplace bullies, but everyone whose health and very life, depends on those in the “helping professions”. Lets all learn to Recognize it, Name it, and End Workplace Bullying and Mobbing Together! ABC-AntiBullyingCrusador

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  1. There’s an explosive new ebook called Work Laws Exposed that has employers’ and HR heads rolling. Finally, an attorney on the side of the workers in the trenches. You can find it here:


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