Revenge In The News, Getting Back at the Bully Boss is Rarely Worth it! By ABC / Women Apologizes For Revenge Against Boss. AP

Revenge, Getting Back at The Bully Boss is Rarely Worth it!

Bullying In the News


Many of my readers reach this website after putting in the search terms “Revenge against bully boss” or similar phrases. I wrote an article on the subject to satisfy my readers’ interests but didn’t give people what they really wanted. Instead, I more or less said that the best revenge is no revenge, but in quite a bit more detail. Here’s a link to that article;

I still stick by that advice although most people are looking for specific things they can do to complicate their boss’s life. So, click on the link below for an example of what one person did, and the unfortunate outcome. By ABC

Hartford Courant

July 25, 2008

Woman Apologizes For Revenge Against Boss

BRISTOL – A Portland woman charged with trying to get the power shut off at her ex-boss’s home is apologizing and says she’s devastated that her actions damaged her reputation. Click on the link below for full story;,0,3801479.story

Read ABC’s on-line comment to this article in The Hartford Courant:

Hi, I am an anti-bullying (workplace bullying that is) activist and have heard and read thousands of target testimonies about their experience with workplace bullies. The majority of targets are not disgruntled, under performers on their jobs, but quite the opposite. Most targets are high performers, and well liked by coworkers but then catches the attention of a workplace bully along their career path who is threatened by their better performing target. 80% of these dedicated workers usually endure two years of emotional abuse before being eliminated through being fired like this women was, becoming physically or emotionally ill or by even committing suicide. When people are literally intentionally destroyed by an incompetent boss after years of dedicated service, they see red and want revenge. People use the search terms “revenge against boss” or similar terms every day to reach my blog. Bosses need to realize that emotionally abusing their workers puts them at risk for revenge. The women in this article only tried to shut off her boss’s electric. someone who’s a bit more angry or emotionally unstable may try to end their boss’s life, as well as their boss’s supporters lives, then they almost always take their own life. It happens all the time in the United States, so often that it is more commonly referred to as “going postal”, a term that most everyone in the United States is familiar with. So to cruel bosses everywhere, beware of revenge, it may end your life! Lets recognize it, name it and end workplace bullying and mobbing together. ABC-Antibullyingcrusador

2 Responses

  1. This is so true. This post should be e-mailed to bosses everywhere. I think the best revenge is no revenge because a bully, abusive boss is not worth getting in legal trouble or having your reputation damaged. My great comfort is you reap what you sow in life and that is very true for a bully boss. Keep the revenge fantasies in your head! I do think the old saying living well is the best revenge because the bully bosses want you to be miserable. I think of it as the fact that I am trying to be happy despite the trauma they inflicted would just make them angry.


  2. I will get my revenge against the bully bosses. I am starting my own company and will do well. And let them suck it up. 😀


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