Nineveh – Anti-bullying Internet Support Group

NINEVEH – Anti-bullying Internet Support Group

As most targets of work place bullying and mobbing in the United States, I had no one to talk to about it. Most people in the United States never heard of work place bullying and mobbing and would think an adult complaining of such issues as a trivial cry baby. Then I came across NINEVEH, a site sent from God. This is a Christian Anti-bullying group based in the United States, although any one, from any where, with work place bullying issues can become a member. Fellow targets post their stories, questions, thoughts and prayers which are responded to by other targets and the moderators of the group. I’ve never participated in an Internet group who had such intelligent, caring and helpful members and moderators. Responses to troubled new members offer compassionate validation, support and suggestions about taking more positive, Christian approaches. They suggest more spirtual alternatives to our natural instincts to “fight” the bully, while not pushing or preaching christianity. This group has given me the spiritual support I could find no where else and a replacement for the increasingly overwhelming anger. So if you’ve stumbled across my site looking for support with your problem of work place bullying and mobbing, you’re just one more click away from a level of compassionate, Christian support that only God can provide. JUST CLICK BELOW;

Thank You Nineveh, ABC

Click to join Nineveh

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