Hatefulness Without Prejudice, Workplace Bullying. by ABC

President of The United States of America

Barrak Obama

Hatefulness Without Prejudice, Workplace Bullying. by ABC

I am in my early 50s and have never been affected by prejudice as a child or as an adult where I live in the state of Connecticut.  I have not been spared from hatefulness however and have learned about one of the most painful types of hatefulness there is.  It is hatefulness without prejudice, an equal opportunity hatefulness, perpetrated for no reason at all, this is referred to as “bullying”.

Children deal with school yard bullies who steal their lunch money and push them in the mud while adults are faced with a more serious version on their jobs, “workplace bullying”.  There are many variations of workplace bullying. The most common type occurs when a manager or supervisor repeatedly abuses their position of power, targeting one subordinate at a time. This is referred to as a “serial workplace bully boss”.  When coworkers become involved, it is called “mobbing”.  “The phenomenon of workplace bullying and mobbing” is little known in The United States, although common and sometimes deadly, being a leading cause of “going postal”, a term that most Americans are familiar with. More frequently, targets are not violent but suffer from stress related physical illnesses such as high blood pressure or emotional injuries, like depression, anxiety, hyper-vigilance,and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to name a few.

Targets of workplace bullying and mobbing are rarely believed by others, facing denial at every turn, because hatefulness for no reason, just doesn’t make sense. This type of hatefulness leaves no physical scars, only the emotional distress of a target who becomes obsessed searching for the reasons that first their boss, then their coworkers, turned against them.  Coworkers and bystanders become more skeptical by the target’s emotional distress, while the reasons that targets obsessively search for, simply don’t exist.  Bullies are motivated by physical or emotional mental disorders which compels them to behave in this way. Real bullies, those with a level of “psychopathy” (also referred to as “sociopathy”) are thought to enjoy or feel some kind of satisfaction while causing others emotional distress, and actually plan emotional assaults against their targets.  Many bullies are incapable of feeling empathy or suffer from feelings of inadequacy and shame brought on by harsh early childhood experiences. The best performers on the job may be targeted for this reason.  Bullies cannot be reasoned with because there are no valid reasons for the abuse that they cause, other than the bully’s whim or need to subjugate, control or even eliminate the target from the workplace.  Once chosen as a target, 70% will loss their jobs within two years.

I was brought up to be proud to be an American and was taught that our country of the free, is a place where any child can dream of, and actually become president some day.  Being a girl, I knew this was not true.  Prejudice, although never mentioned, made this dream a lie to all but white, Christian, males.  The results of this past year’s presidential campaign has made this dream real for both children of color and both sexes.

Both Barrack Obama winning the presidential election and the distinction of being the first black president and Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful but worthy attempt to win the distinction of being the first female president, are positive signs that prejudice, a terrible type of hatefulness, is losing it’s grip against the increasingly popular consensus that all people are created equal.

Can we beat hatefulness without prejudice or reason?  It’s my belief that we can and my mission to reach and teach as many working Americans as possible about this horrible menace in our workplaces.  It’s my hope that one day all working Americans will know the meaning of the terms “workplace bullying and mobbing”. When that day comes, all working Americans will be able to recognize it, name it and end workplace bullying and mobbing together!  Learn more about workplace bullying and mobbing today.  Who knows, you might be the serial bully’s next target.  ABC – AntiBullyingCrusador

2 Responses

  1. Hi ABC!
    I agree with you 100%! Exactly!
    I share your enthusiasm for letting everyone know about this growing epidemic and putting an end to it. I’ve started a petition to Pass the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/anti-bullying-healthy-workplace-bill.html for US citizens. I believe workplace bullying will stop dead in its tracks when bullies are held directly liable.
    Thank you!


  2. Learn to bully back. Allen Shore of Boston Legal is a good example. Hold your own and realize that you are a wealth creator


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