“Soap Opera” Fitting Discription for “Workplace Bullying and Mobbing”. By ABC

Commentary by ABC-

“Workplace Bullying and Mobbing” – A Common News Topic That is Rarely Called What it is.    Let’s Call it What it is

– Workplace Bullying and Mobbing-

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Below is the beginning of an article, followed by a link to the entire article, titled “Is The Latino Affairs Commission a Soap Opera?” .  This article was published on September 13, 2009, in Connecticut’s largest, and the country’s oldest newspaper, The Hartford Courant.   The story describes the drama of a classic “workplace bullying and mobbing” campaign, unfolding within a government agency, which is then referred to as a “soap opera”.

“Soap Opera” is truly a fitting description for the antics of a workplace bully boss and the bully boss’s little mob, as they go about the business of destroying the most competent members of their staff.  This being a means of effectively eliminating the appearance of their own incompetence, by removing the competent basis of comparison, that bully bosses perceive as a threat.

The drama and high emotion elicited by the bully boss’s tactics of lies, and manipulation of coworkers against their targets, over ridiculous, seemingly trivial matters, is very much the stuff that soap operas are made of. Stories such as this, are published on a regular basis,  drawing the attention of readers to the human interest aspect of these stories, which are often quite literally, unbelievable.

Although Connecticut has a “Bullybusters” group, legislation has been proposed, and articles have been published on this subject, the words “workplace bullying and mobbing” are rarely, if ever used in articles that describe it.  As a result, most people in Connecticut have never even heard of “workplace bullying and mobbing” although have probably either read about it, experienced it or observed it themselves.

Read the article below, a truly prime example of “workplace bullying and mobbing”, then my commentary below it.   ABC


Is Latino Affairs Commission A Soap Opera?

Jon Lender Government Watch September 13, 2009

Twelve months of turmoil have plagued the state’s Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission, and it won’t let up.

First, the commission drew protests in September 2008 when it voted to fired its longtime director, Fernando Betancourt, then backed off on that, and finally negotiated a separation agreement with him two months later.


Comment by ABC (published on the on-line edition of The Hartford Courant) 


The story above is a classic case of “Workplace Bullying and Mobbing”.  Few people in Connecticut know of this very common phenomenon which infects many of our workplaces.  At it’s very worse, workplace bullying and mobbing may result in an abused worker “going postal” or committing suicide, which sadly, most Connecticut workers have at least heard of.  More commonly, bullying and mobbing in our workplaces results in depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, high blood pressure and numerous other emotional injuries and stress related physical abnormalities. Once chosen as a “target” of a workplace bully, 80% are eliminated from their workplace within two years. Being a phenomenon, “Workplace bullying and mobbing” is predictable and easily recognized by those who have an understanding of this very complex and difficult to believe problem. It is likely the largest hidden expense in business today and when government agencies are involved, that means increased taxes. When words like “rumors”, “gossip”, threatened”, “intimidated” unprofessional”, “turmoil”, “crying” and “lied about” are used to describe a workplace, look for a “workplace bully” and their little “mob” of supporters. It’s my hope that one day all working Americans will know enough, to Recognize it, Name it, and End Workplace Bullying and Mobbing Together! ABC

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  1. I have been reading the narratives of those who have had their lives destroyed by bullies in the workplace. I was a target of workplace bullying in my Calgary office, where I worked in a Project Management System Group. Everyday I think about how one can bring down the bullies in the workplace. They are like an evil fog seeping into every nook and cranny of everyone’s mind thus manipulating all who can not see the reality of what is going on around them, until he or she becomes the next victim.

    This is my story:
    A new manager was appointed when the existing manager took a leave of absence. It took only a week after the manager left that she started in on me, as well as another employee. The most difficult thing to accept is that she had the full support of the Department Head and Human Resources. I always worked very hard, did my work very well and received complimentary letters and feedback from internal and external clients. In the end, I knew I couldn’t fight the bullies anymore and it was only a matter of time that this manager would have me out of my job which I loved very much. I realized it was not about me or my good work, but about her and the Department Head, who were both incompetent with managing people and many times incompetent in their work. They were so full of hate for me, and did everything they could to force me out of the workplace.

    She bullied and harassed a new young woman in the group until she quit. Even though the young woman was ostracized in the group, I did not accept what was happening and continued to train and support this young person because that is the role of the senior people in our group. The bully Manager went to each team member, criticizing this person’s work and capabilities. She used a young fellow in the team, who had weak character to help her by tattling to her on anything that could be used against this young person and me. Between the both of them, they took things I said out of context and spun the words in a negative way to use against us.

    One day, the Department Head and the Manager took the young woman into a meeting room and made up lies about me and tried to coerce her into blaming me for things that I had nothing to do with. As well, I was taken into a meeting with the Department Head and accused of doing things I didn’t do and he kept me there for three hours because he wanted me to admit to and support one of the Manager’s many lies. I would not. Once the young person quit, she picked on me even more by telling others in the team that I am not cooperating with her, that I am not doing any work even though I worked hard every day. The Department Head took work away from me so that this would give credence to her malicious lies. I was accused of being responsible for anything that went wrong in the group, even when I was on vacation, the Department Head would say ‘you put that person up to it’. How does one defend themselves against a bully who is in a position of powe?.

    I went from receiving a 7% salary increase in February 09 to being dismissed in December 09. My work ethic was undermined, I was maligned to all members of the group, work was taken away from me and eventually I was isolated. My health was deteriorating, but the one thing they could not take away from me is my integrity.

    I would like to see both of these incompetent managers fired – and be the one responsible for having them removed from the workplace. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.



  2. I wondered today with the new in CT of a man who killed 9 people at his workplace, if he had been bullied or not? When they were interviewing his friends on the news today everyone was upset and could not believe that such a nice man had suddenly gone postal?


  3. Mobbing bullies choose a target based on one and only one perception of the target: The target WILL NOT tattle on the mobbers. The target does not believe in snitching or trying to get people fired from their jobs. A target will likely just tell the bully what the target does not like that the bully is doing, and NOT run to the boss with a story. On the other hand, the bully snitches all the time and about everybody. If the bully has no legitimate tale to carry to a boss, the bully will make something up. Because the bully snitches to one or more bosses, the bully has a ticket to ride.

    The target not believing in tattling is what gives the mobbers a leg up bullying the target for long period of time with no consequences. By the time the target finally tells, the bully has the boss convinced the target is ready for a rubber room.
    The boss believes his/her snitch, and the snitch (bully) has a perpetual “get-out-of-jail-free” card.



  4. Read about Bunnings bullying in the workplace Management tried to put a false alegation onto the worker but the worker tapped them a very dishonest company did the company put the Managers up to this?This was Bunnings way of Resolving Bullying in the workplace.


    • Read this elsewhere about this company very dishonest and the pack of Managers involved abit of a worry to have people like this as oversees of this companys staff.


  5. Have read about this. Bunnings Management Team AKA the Bully was the Timber Manager he then got other Managers involved the Store Manager the Hardware Manager and the Regional Manager But they got caught out. the victim RECORDED what went on in this store. The Hardware Manager tried to insite the worker but he got it all on tape. What a pack of dishonest Managers!!!


    • My friend was being bullied in her job so after reading about Bunnings Bullying in the Workplace I told her to record what is happening to her. Very Dishonest Management Team at Bunnings I would have to agree… This is a good example to help others that maybe going thru the same.


  6. Bullying at work should be nipped in the butt when brought to the attention of Management. The victim that worked for Bunnings did the right thing in regards to recording the evidence.


  7. Bullying in the workplace is not a good thing I witnessed this many years ago where I worked. Have read what went on at Bunnings and was very shocked their way of handling these situations. Good on the victim for recording the evidence very dishonest management team.


  8. Amazing and shocking Bunnings Bullying in the workplace! Have read all about this elsewhere. Bullying at work is a no win situation. The bully will always look for another victim…


    • Agree I was also amazed to read about this Management Team involved with this situation with Bunnings. Have read that the worker put up with bullying for along time. The Timber Manager the bully got other managers involved. Bunnings Way of dealing with bullying was to put a false alegation onto the worker but he recorded the evidence. And to think this company prides itself on respecting fellow workers. Their training process is to play with play dough? Tennis balls, rope, word matching and roleplaying. Perhaps the bully needs to play another role.


  9. Been reading up about these companys with bullying at work. The one that struck me the most was Bunnings Bullying at work. A timber manager who bullied the worker then other managers got involved conspired to set the worker up but the worker got those managers on tape.


  10. Have read about Bunnings Henderson Branch it looks like bullying is the way they get threw the day! The victim did the right thing in recording the evidence


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