Adult Bullying in The Wake of the Tucson Shootings. By ABC

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Adult Bullying in The Wake of The Tucson Shootings. By ABC

In the wake of the Tucson shootings, “adult bullying” in the United States has finally come forward as a recognizable topic in the media.  Although greatly misunderstood, and called by many other names, the issue of “adult bullying” is now a hot topic of public interest, with multimedia coverage and information sweeping across the nation daily.

President Obama has called for “Civility” in “political rhetoric”.  All sides are standing-down, putting their political agendas on hold, while the bullying behaviors of the political machine, continues to spin unabated and unrecognized as “bullying tactics”.  All the while, an entire nation of bystanders, watching, but not really seeing, that those hoping to gain, by pointing the finger of blame, are at the very core, of all that is wrong, when adults bully other adults.

“Adult bullying” is primarily about perception.  The “adult bully”, by this I mean a person with a level of “psychopathy”, is centered on how they are perceived and compared to, by others. Using tactics such as blame, twisted or half-truths, innuendo, gossip and lies, they are expert manipulators of people’s perception, capable of throwing an adversary’s character into doubt, while elevating their own political, social, or professional standing.

Firmly rooted in reality, able to reason, cope and distinguish the difference between right and wrong,  adult bullies, while having a level of psychopathy, mimic the normal behavior of others, and are not considered mentally ill in the usual sense of the word. These “successful psychopaths” have the appearance of emotional health, while having a diminished or absent ability to experience caring feelings for other people, instead, experiencing a type of satisfaction, with the misfortunes of others.  Our social denial, that people with such serious hidden flaws, really exists, and are a real threat in our day-to-day lives, adds to the prevalence and success of adult bullies, to do harm everywhere.

Can you spot the adult bully(ies), I mean the REAL bully(ies), with a level of psychopathy in this controversy? Here’s a hint; It’s not Sarah Palin.

Learn to Recognize it, Name it and End Adult Bullying and Mobbing Together!

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  1. Having the hellish experience at the hands of Washington State Department of Transportation for 17 years and the Employment Security of several years, I fought back and won. But my emotional and financial losses were extreme and the road back to respect in the agency has been hard fought but successfull. My suggestion is that we all group together in some mass gathering and pray in a concerted effort that these people learn and conceive of any type of love and recieve it because I believe it is a spirtual matter . Carol


  2. I would like to hear of others experiences of this nature and I have informaiton to help.


  3. hey guys! i am all for anti-bulliying. on another blog i stumbled upon this band called radio silence nyc and they have this video up called “renegade”. i think everyone who is inspired by this could link well with the words of these boys.


  4. Liked the video. Sounds like they are expressing the hatred as the basis of a way of life strongly emerging in our society.

    As the economy continues to struggle, jobs, homes, crisis etc. I see more contention in the culture. I was just verbally assaulted by my landlord who is economically disadvantaged because of this. My lawn needed mowing and he went into a tirade from hell although I am a perfect tenant. Horrifying experience.
    Hatred or social demise?


  5. Have been doing research on Bullying at Work and the effects on the victims. There is some excellent sites on the net in regards to these situations at work. Came across Bunnings Bullying in the work place. Was amazed at Bunnings procedures at handling these situations. Bunnings had a Manager who was a Bully. When Bunnings was confronted by this other Managers Joined into the Bullying by trying to put a false allegation onto the victim. But the victim recorded and got the evidence on tape. I believe this is a good way to prove what goes on. Dishonest Company with Dishonest Managers!


    • Hi Robin I too have been doing research into bullying at work. Need less to say how damaging the effect of this can have on a person who goes thru this. I would suggest you read about Brodie Panlock, this is what happens when things like this are badly managed. This company destroyed her. The bullying that went on got so bad and the number of people involved made this poor girl take her own life. I would like to see Brodies Law go world wide. A bully will always look for support from others it is terrible what Brodie went thru.


  6. have also read about bunnings bullying at work, what a way to handle bullying one manager does it so then the rest of the management team gets involved???


  7. I like it when people get together and share ideas.
    Great site, stick with it!


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