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One of the readers of this website left a comment saying that they mentioned my website on an anti-bullying website called “”.   There’s some really funny stuff that people write on this website that really lightens up the subject and will get you laughing your head off.   So if you are in the mood for a good laugh, click on the link below.  Scroll down to “Clarissa” to read the mention of this website.       ABC


Bullyonline. Resource and Internet Support Group

Bullyonline – Resource and Internet Support Group From a British Perspective. By ABC

Bullyonline is the first anti-bullying Internet support group that I came across. They are also the largest information resource on work place bullying in the world. It was this web site that gave me the first glimmer of insight and hope about 5 years ago. Validation and empowerment is the mission of “The Field Foundation” located in the United Kingdom. Their beloved founder, Tim Field, is a pioneer in the fight against work place bullying. Their information site is one that I will never stop reading. With more studies on the phenomena, the information on this site grows and changes as information becomes available.  Here is the link to their information site;

Site is at

Being located in the United Kingdom, most members of their Internet support group live there. Discussion often pertains to how bullying is addressed by that country’s legal system. As the legal system in the United States doesn’t address bullying at all, this information does not pertain to those of us who live in the USA. It’s interesting to read however, like a sneak preview, of the kinds of problems and barriers anti-bullying activist will be faced with, as we work towards our own anti-bullying legislation. Surprisingly, at least to me, is their stories of the kinds of difficulties posters of this group have, obtaining justice, despite the existence of anti-bullying laws. Another thing that is interesting about this group is their perception of “emotional injury” which is quite different in the USA. Emotional injury sustained on the job, is considered as serious and painful, as a physical injury. They refer to “stress breakdowns”, which are grounds for immediate removal from the bully, for emergency evaluation and treatment. “Stress breakdowns” on the job are then followed by extended periods of paid leave from the job with an expectation that the employer has a “duty of care” to provide for a “safe environment” upon the employee’s return. If the employer is not willing or able to eliminate the bully, or otherwise separate the target from the bully, then the employer considers “constructive dismissal” of the target, with benefits and monetary compensation.

This perspective of the affect of emotional abuse is quite different here in the US. After one of my first emotional assaults by my current bully, I couldn’t stop crying. The only “care” I received, was being told by a Human Resource rep. to “go outside and take a walk”. I couldn’t even form words to respond to her. I just walked back to my desk in a daze.

So click on the link below to join bullyonline. Thank you bullyonline members for your support and perspective. Sincerely, ABC

Click to join bullyonline

Nineveh – Anti-bullying Internet Support Group

NINEVEH – Anti-bullying Internet Support Group

As most targets of work place bullying and mobbing in the United States, I had no one to talk to about it. Most people in the United States never heard of work place bullying and mobbing and would think an adult complaining of such issues as a trivial cry baby. Then I came across NINEVEH, a site sent from God. This is a Christian Anti-bullying group based in the United States, although any one, from any where, with work place bullying issues can become a member. Fellow targets post their stories, questions, thoughts and prayers which are responded to by other targets and the moderators of the group. I’ve never participated in an Internet group who had such intelligent, caring and helpful members and moderators. Responses to troubled new members offer compassionate validation, support and suggestions about taking more positive, Christian approaches. They suggest more spirtual alternatives to our natural instincts to “fight” the bully, while not pushing or preaching christianity. This group has given me the spiritual support I could find no where else and a replacement for the increasingly overwhelming anger. So if you’ve stumbled across my site looking for support with your problem of work place bullying and mobbing, you’re just one more click away from a level of compassionate, Christian support that only God can provide. JUST CLICK BELOW;

Thank You Nineveh, ABC

Click to join Nineveh

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