Workplace/Adult Bullying, Good versus Evil. By ABC

Workplace/Adult Bullying, Good versus Evil.  By ABC.

After publishing my last two articles, “St. Bernadette, Bullied by Serial Bully Boss” and “Workplace/Adult Bullying From a Spiritual Perspective”, in which I came to realize that there is a supernatural component of the adult bullying and mobbing phenomenon, I came to realize that adult bullying and mobbing, is really just the tip of the iceberg, of the greatest, most important topic, that each of us face, as human beings. That being our relationship with God.

After experiencing and surviving bullying repeatedly, I have finally come to understand a few facts about life, and death for that matter, that I would have never learned, if a bully had never crossed my path. Some things can only be fully understood through living it.

If it were not for the desperation of isolation, caused by bullying and mobbing, I would have never called out to God. If I never called out to God, I would have never learned to recognize His voice through His Holy Spirit, nor received His reply, “I am with you always!” I was never alone in all of this at all!

Reading my experience doesn’t necessarily cause another person to truly believe in God or understand it in the living way that only first hand experience can.

It truly is a war of good versus evil or in other words, a war of God versus Satan and their armies. I have come to believe, that if you are repeatedly being tested by bullying and other problems which you did nothing to cause, that God is allowing it so that you can develop the characteristics needed to be accepted into the body of Christ. This means, at the end of time, you will enjoy Christ’s promises of immortality in the Kingdom of Heaven despite the difficulties you experienced here in this life. That is, IF you learn and choose to reflect the behaviors of Jesus Christ.

All the confusion and lack of understanding that targets of adult bullies experience, is predicted in the Bible. Trying to fully understand a spiritual problem using the resources of the world, such as your education, family and peers, never leads to the deeper understanding, that only a spiritual perspective can provide.

Gaining a spiritual understanding of adult bullying is key to understanding this and broader topics more fully. The way to do this is simple, gain that understanding by reading the Bible, meditate and pray. Ask God to reveal himself to you through His Holy Spirit and ask Him what you should do during every bullying incident you experience.

Eph. 6-10 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Attending church services may help, but be sure to find a church that teaches biblical principles, and be careful! Many churches have strayed from God’s word, and are corrupted by evil. It is a known fact that there is a high incidence of Adult bullying within church administrations and members. Keep God in mind ALWAYS!

Here’s a link to a beautiful song, “Blessings by Laura Story”.  it’s on youtube and shows the lyrics, which explains this principle better than I ever could.

God Bless Targets of Adult Bullies everywhere,   ABC

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