Proud to be a Target by ABC


I have a typical “Target” personality and therefore have been a target of work place Bullying 4 times in my adult life. The only differences between my first and current bully and the others is; different job / different bully. This time around, I finally noticed that the behaviors / tactics were almost identical as if these people went to a class to learn it or they some how knew each other. I called it “leading by intimidation” before I came across the word “Bullying” on the Internet about 5 years ago.

Now that I’ve learned so much on the Internet and from the posts of my anti-bullying groups, I feel WONDERFUL! I am a “Target” and PROUD to be one. If you need a boost to your ego, just read one of the lists of “characteristics” of a “target” on any of the anti-bullying sites. We are all very special people WORTHY of our Bullys’ attention through our above average performance and popularity with coworkers. We are actually a threat to those who bully us by our competence that out shines theirs. One site described “Targets” as the “salt of the earth”!

Click on the links below to read articles on bullyonline that explain – why me?
I hope this reading leaves you uplifted and PROUD TO BE A TARGET!. Sincerely ABC

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  1. I have to completely agree with the statement “tactics were almost identical as if these people went to a class to learn it or they some how knew each other”

    When I was mobbed I had no idea what was being done to me because I had never seen or heard of people doing this to another person. When I reported the mobbing to HR they sided with the bully. I started to think maybe I was going crazy.

    Then months after leaving the company I ran across workplace mobbing when I was doing some google searches. What was done to me, and how it was done followed the bullying scripts I read exactly! It’s as if many if not most people are pre-programmed to do this type of activity. The sad thing is that many of the people that were in the group that mobbed me really seemed get some deep seeded satisfaction out of doing this to me. Quite disturbing if you ask me.


  2. I was subjected to bullying taunts from a co-worker who, I believe, chose me as a target because I was quiet and unable to be assertive.
    In my mind I can still see her butcher’s hook sneer when she made some of her insulting remarks. I felt so embarrassed and powerless.
    She would also make disgraceful jokes about people with any physical disability, to the amusement of her ‘friends’ at work. Her sense of humour (so called) seemed pitiless.


  3. Thank You so much!!!! This is the second time that I have been bullied at work. You are so right about it! My problem now is that I have to tell the district manager every time my boss blames me for his failure to complete a task. Now when my work is done I simply send an e-mail to the D-Manager saying work complete and on my bosses desk ready. And this is pissing off my boss a lot because I won’t take the blame for him any more. And my boss has no shame either… He will jump on people in front of others and I am just hoping that it will only be a matter of time before before he gets fired or sued for his actions. This man needs help in the worst way! He is very Destructive in his manners… punching file cabinets, breaking phones, breaking the front door, throwing things, making the rules up as he goes,changing job descriptions …. And the next level knows all about it… They have replaced all broken items very quickly. But he ( district manager) has to stand behind his store manager!
    Standing up to a bully is not the answer…District level and HR are no help at all. Its easier for them to pay the fine for dismissing than try to stop the bully! …so….. making it hard for him is working for now…. lol and thank GOD for Cameras!


    • Bully bosses who have no shame are the easiest to deal with because the problem is obvious to everyone. On the other hand, closet serial bully bosses are the most dangerous. Closet bullies are masters of deception, capable of manipulating coworkers into believing their current target is at fault for any problems that exist. NEVER make things harder for that type of bully. The bullying will escalate very quickly and the target may lose their job before finding better employment. As soon as you become aware that you are the target of closet serial bully boss, it is already to late to save your job. The best course of action under these circumstances is to not react to bullying behaviors, focus on the job, and be curtious to coworkers. Don’t talk about the bullying to anyone at work, just hold on to the job long enough to find better employment.


      • you’re right… it did escalate… I got trapped in the office with them…. but they are starting to show their behaviors on camera now…. there was 5 of them at the end of an aisle just watching me work… for about 20 minutes…. then they followed me to the next aisle… I want all of this on camera… pulling down signs and tag and threatening to write me up. And as long as I don’t put myself in a position where there is no camera I think I will be find. And yes I’m still looking for a job. this is my second time at being abused by a bully… It has to stop… and a anti bully policy needs to come to virginia.


  4. My bully boss is a horny one to boot. The poor guy can’t keep his pants up. Thankfully, I didn’t fall for his tactics. He allowed a co-worker (and in fact, egged on the co-worker) to outwardly bully me. I agree that the stories are so incredibly similar, one would think they were the same person doing the bullying.


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